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JRS offerings in
Life Saving & First Aid
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Skill Training

Skill training in life saving & first aid plays an important role in motivating people to extend help and save life during the ‘golden hour’ of emergency’. JRS imparts extensive know-how of skill training for both land & water emergencies as per internationally recognized protocols, procedures & techniques.

Training Modules comprise of:

First Aid related Human Anatomy
Emergency FIRST STEPS.
First Aid protocols for 30 Critical, Major and Minor emergencies
Rescue, its various phases & actions in a disaster situation
Methods of moving/carrying a casualty
Road safety
Skill Training Courses includes:

Certification course in Basic First Aid & Resuscitation Skills
Certification course in Advanced First Aid Skills, CPR & Defabrillation
(Training of Trainers)
Certification course as Swimming Coach
Certification course as Life Guard
Advanced certification as Professional Life Guard
Duration: Instructions are Modular in Content:

First Aid: Basic (including CPR) 6-8 hrs (One day)
First Aid: skilled 15-18 hours; (5 days for Trainers)
Lifesaving 30 hours; (7 days for Trainers)
Lifeguarding 45 hours; (12 days)
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