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Life Saving & First Aid
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About Jeevan Rakshan Samiti

In India over 316,000 persons lost their life in 2014 to reasons attributed to accidents. Road accidents alone claim 16 lives every hour, most of them being below the age of 45 years. This is a tremendous loss to the nation.

Many of these precious lives could be saved if people at the site were aware of their role & responsibility as good Samaritans and were trained on basic life support skills. When a person is down, sick or injured, he needs help of the bystanders that is deliberate, given without panic, by knowledgeable and skilled hands, before a paramedic, an ambulance or a doctor arrives. This help is called First Aid. This noble act of First Aid consists of two parts; Recovery (Rescue) & Revival. Recovery is the rescue of the victim from the source of his trouble such as water, vehicle, fire, electric current, poison or other form of disaster and Revival is the basic survival help that needs knowledge and practice of First Aid.

Life Saving and First Aid thus form the foundations of all emergency life care as it is performed at site where no trained rescuer/ medical man is available and in a time frame that is invaluable for life saving. Besides, Life Saver is trained in rescue and recovery from the accident site, which is not the function of the doctor or the medical set up. That is why it is said, “Lives are primarily saved at the accident site”.

JRS has been working with the government, corporate organizations and community institutions with the aim of achieving a cohesive social partnership so as to make one and all conscious of and skilled in rendering help to people in distress and thereby become first responders in save-life-situations.
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